BEWARE: Professional AirBnB “Co-Hosting”
Scam in the Washington D.C. Metro Region

My name is Marcel Clarke, Chief Group Executive of Millennium Strategic Investments. We have decided to publish this webpage to warn other potential victims in the Washington D.C. Metro area about a fake AirBnB “co-hosting” scam that’s being run by two sisters: Carol C. Whitehurst-Gaspar and Erica Gaballa under a company named: ARICE Staging


Here is an account of how their scam works:

  • On 11/3/17, Carol Whitehurst-Gaspar, Principal of ARICE Staging LLC, informed us that if we entered into a “co-hosting” contract with them to do AirBnB, they would manage everything relating to the transactions. Erica Gaballa, Co-Principal of ARICE Staging LLC, further stated that they would list the property on AirBnB, schedule guests, clean the property at the end of each guest’s stay and transfer the funds into our account.
  • On 11/06/2017, we paid ARICE Staging LLC a $3,000.00 “staging fee” to furnish our property

    for the prospective AirBnB guests. Once we signed the contract, ARICE Staging LLC proceeded to furnish our property with low-end furniture and worthless items. This was a red flag to us. So upon visiting the property on 11/18/2017, we questioned them about the quality of the furniture. Carol Whitehurst-Gaspar stated that those items were just temporary to get the property listed and that permanent furniture would arrive soon. This was a blatant lie. The replacement furniture never arrived.

  • ARICE Staging LLC booked guests into our property from 11/20/2017 to 12/28/2017, without providing us with the schedules. During that time frame, they continued to book guests into our property with promises of upcoming monetary transfers to us that never happened.
  • On 12/28/2017, we started to investigate the matter and discovered that they had set up the AirBnB account using Carol C. Whitehurst-Gaspar’s personal account information, not the Millennium Strategic Investment account as the contract had implied. In other words, the payments that were being made by guests on the AirBnB site were being deposited directly into Carol C. Whitehurst-Gaspar’s personal account and not the Millennium Strategic Investment account as agreed upon.
  • On 12/29/2017, we confronted Carol C. Whitehurst-Gaspar and Erica Gaballa about this fraudulent situation and they became very rude, threatening and belligerent. We decided to visit the property one day after the confrontation and upon arrival we found that all of the furniture had been removed, the property was empty and

Low-End Staging Furniture


As the Chief Group Executive of Millennium

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Strategic Investments, I am publishing this information online to protect the public and any other unassuming victims that could fall for this AirBnB scam with ARICE Staging LLC, and specifically Carol C. Whitehurst-Gaspar and Erica Gaballa. These two individuals are serial scammers. In total, they stole more than $6,000.00 from Millennium Strategic Investments and we will never see a dime of that money again.

Sadly, this wasn’t the first scam that Carol C. Whitehurst-Gaspar and Erica Gaballa have been a part of. If we had done our due diligence before starting to work with them, we have found two other complaints about them posted on Angie’s list: click here for details.

Please be warned about these two serial scammers. They keep changing their company name and filing for bankruptcy to get around taking responsibility for their actions.

If you have had a similar encounter with this team, please don’t hesitate to post your experience below. We can put an end to their criminal activity if we band together and share our stories.



  1. Allishia Hutching August 17, 2018 at 2:56 pm - Reply

    This company has failed to meet the terms of our contract to complete my pool project. The company is 3 weeks past contract completion with nearly half of punch out items complete. Workers have caused damage and refuse to take initiative. Pool fencing is not installed, pool basketball hoop, pool house is 30% complete, as well as landscaping. Electrical work is being constantly done incorrect and remains non working.Concrete is incomplete.The manager refuses to communicate professionally hanging up on me when I voice my concerns. I asked for her to refund me for work not complete and damages done by her workers and revoke the contract so that I can hire another contractor but she refused. Contractually work was to commence Mon-Fri from 8am-4pm that has never happened from the start til date workers show up 2-3 times a week from 2-5or6pm and leave with no work progress. Ric(Erica) ran off with $7,000 of my money she was paid for and never finished the job.. I wish I would have searched names and not company they are now working under A3DB LLC as pool builders.

  2. Allishia Hutching August 31, 2018 at 3:30 pm - Reply

    It appears that Erica Gaballa is at it again with another fictitious business called

    Pennzly dba 4 Seasons – Annandale, VA

    Don’t be fooled the two customers that have provided feedback on this website don’t seem to be very pleased with the services. This is the 5th business endeavor all completely different fields that I have found on these scammers.

  3. Tiffany July 22, 2019 at 7:44 pm - Reply

    Erica Hussein sent me the following message this morning:

    “We are interested in a 2 year corporate lease to include Airbnb for your property located at Bellbrook Street, Temple Hills, MD 20748. Please confirm. Regards, Erica”

    After talking to her, I did some research and came across this page.

    The company name they’re using is ANGLE3 Design Build Construction LLC

    Her listed phone number and address are below:

    Erica Hussein
    (703) 884-5602

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Marcel Clarke

Chief Group Executive Millennium Strategic Investments